December 3, 2020

The girl's first name of the day: Loubna

If you wanted to give this first name to your little girl, you must know that the Loubna are proud and proud. They like to lead those around them and especially their parents. In case of refusal, they can enter into violent anger.

Your little Loubna will flourish more easily if she is the eldest ... You guessed why? Jealous and possessive, this situation will allow her to exercise her power. How to mitigate selfishness and stimulate interest in others? Group activities will be welcome (theater, dance ...).

Growing up, the character of Loubna is the following: assertive, independent, energetic and voluntary. Authoritarian, they want to manage their lives and sometimes that of others. They are disciplined and very demanding of themselves.

This future mum (perhaps) is also frank, direct and loyal. The word modesty is not part of her vocabulary, she can quickly adopt a disdainful attitude even pretentious.

The Loubna do not support failure and are quite likely. Ah, it also seems that the Loubna are the woman of one love.

Lubna Al-Omair (December 2020)