May 23, 2022

The girl's first name of the day: Shanna

And you do not hesitate to share the ideas of first names with your family. It's the same for us because today we offer you the first name Shanna girl who means "love" to the Comoros. Very pretty ! This first name is also carried by about 2,000 French women. People, who wear this first name girl, will they be communicative? Generous? Enthusiastic? To you to discover it!

Little girls are generally disciplined and orderly and will grow up without any problems. Responsible Shanna are very interested in their loved ones and always want to make them happy.

Women, who appear cautious and suspicious, are in fact direct, decided or even authoritarian. Charming and loving to please, they are refined, sweet and smiling. Volunteers, the work does not scare the Shanna. They possess other qualities such as discipline and courage.

When they feel attacked, the Shanna can be arrogant and angry. As a rule, they keep their self-control. As they age, they become more affective and instinctive. They are also orderly, stable and perfectionist women. They are attracted by the life of family and are very attached to moral values. Side hearts, they are modest and reserved.

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