April 20, 2024

The girl's name of the day: Snow

In a park or on your vacation spot, you do not want to go back as soon as you hear the first name Emma, ​​Jade, Zoe or Chloe. What do you think of Snow? This first name girl, which means snow in French, is worn by nearly 200 people in the hexagon. When they are still wearing duvets, Snow needs to please and want to be loved. Mom and Dad can trust them. Their entourage will have to give them a education liberal and force them to communicate.

When they do not wear their duvets, the young women who wear this first name, are shy, secret or even reserved. They need to be put in trust to excel themselves. Snow, which has a discreet charm, is simple and natural. Frank, they sometimes lack spontaneity. The family environment is very important, and these women are always looking for the soft security of the home. Side heart? Their emotional life is complicated because they feel misunderstood. They are also rigid and sometimes austere women. However, they are honest and love security.

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