May 20, 2024

The good plans dredge of the summer: it is hot (and extramarital)!

During the summer months, the desire to seduce increases, among singles like couples. the proof: 79,2% of the users of the french site burn to have an erotic adventure extra-marital. This is revealed by a current survey of the website on misconduct made on more than 1800 members.

Summer, we take action!
The 54 percent of people polled at the site met reinforce their exchanges with their partners in dredge. More than 19% of the users of the site declare that they meet with their new flirts. Only 5.7% of respondents do not meet more than usual to avoid arousing the partner's suspicions.

The best dating spots

The meet is often created outside: swimming pool, lake won the vote almost 50%. The picnic in nature (36.7%) comes in second, then the beach bar at 26.4%. Outdoor cinema follows with 18.5%.

Men and women: two versions of the dredge 

Romantic gentlemen? Well no ! 51% of the women surveyed would like to spend a romantic weekend in Venice or Barcelona. Men prefer neck to neck and would like to get closer to their flirtations in a Whirlpool (52.9%).

But men and women find themselves when it comes to choosing the place: the best places for a meet are for both sexes dancing outdoors (24.6%), outdoor cinema (21.3%) followed by a common observation of the stars (16.8%).

The Front Runner (May 2024)