June 9, 2023

The greatest top models of the 90s: Linda Evangelista

Italian origin, Linda Evangelista was born in Canada in 1965 and was only 13 years old when she started to play her unusual physique. In 1978, she participated in a beauty contest that allowed her to sign a contract with the prestigious agency Elite and flew to New York. There, she signed an exceptional contract with Vogue magazine and became one of the most prominent faces of the magazine.
And for good reason, Linda Evangelista is multiple, it changes hair or hair color like shirt and is sometimes unrecognizable. Legend has it that she changed seventeen times in four years. It's a lot. Alternately androgynous with an ultra-short or super-feminine cut with platinum blond hair, Linda Evangelista plays with lightness of its plastic.
She scrolls on the podiums of the greatest designers and meets love for the first time in 1987 in the arms of Gerald Marie, the CEO of Elite Europe. Their union lasts until 1993.
Five years later, it is the arm of a Frenchie that we discover. Linda Evangelista has indeed succumbed to the favorite bald French of the year 1998, Fabien Barthez. Engaged, they live with love and cool water until Linda loses the baby she has been waiting for. The couple she trains with the goalkeeper does not survive this test.
Egeria of several brands, Linda Evangelista also plays the accordion in his spare time. Of course, for a supermodel, one would have imagined more glamorous ... But she devotes mostly the majority of her time to her son, Augustin James, born in October 2006. Linda Evangelista has always concealed the name of the father of his child, but rumors want him to be a New York architect. In short, today Linda Evangelista all understood, to live happy, she lives hidden.

The Greatest Supermodel Of All Time: Linda Evangelista (June 2023)