June 2, 2020

The grinding of teeth: causes and remedies

Bruxism is manifested by a clenching of the teeth that occurs especially during the sleep (but also in the middle of the day) outside the usual chewing phases of food.
To find out if you suffer from bruxism, ask your spouse, because the grinding of teeth is very troublesome and disturbs the sleep. Also, if you wake up with jaw muscle pain often accompanied by migraines, neck pain that can spread to the whole face is that you are affected by this pain.

Misaligned teeth can cause bruxism, discomfort causing the subject to rub unstable teeth. The stress is also a factor that leads the person to express his anxieties during the night by grinding his teeth.

As soon as you detect this problem
you must inform your dentist, who will notice the wear of your teeth. The pressure on the teeth can be very intense and sometimes cause irreparable damage. In addition, this phenomenon leads to increased sensitivity of your gums that will become more painful in hot and cold ...


The only treatment that exists is to place an occlusal splint during the sleep, so as to prevent any contact between the jaws (day or night). This device will reduce muscle tension, protect teeth and gradually make you lose this bad reflex.
There is also the biofeedback which consists of putting sensors that will cause you to wake up if you squeak.
Our advice
One way to overcome bruxism is to visit a therapist who will help you understand the reasons for your stressto overcome it.

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