October 4, 2023

The haircuts spring-summer trends

The long and the wavy

In a neo-romantic style, the trend is falsely disheveled, with effects of curls and ripples. Provide fluidity, flexibility and naturalness for living hair. This season, we wear them long, disheveled and loose.

Photo: Spring-summer look 2006 Jean-Louis David

The false bun
The hair is raised, but with freedom, in a sort of vaporous bun, very vague. Loops or small mats are invited in the buns and the ponytails, in a romantic style.


Photo: Spring-summer look 2006 Hairdresser in France

The bangs, always present

The fringe is maintained after several seasons, but thick and long. Less marked, it is more blurred or very tapered.


Photo: 2006 spring look Thierry Lothmann

Colors: in search of nature

Exit the colors too original and flashy!
The blonde "Marilyn" recede in favor of amber blond or blonde with hints of wheat, fashionable this season. For chestnuts, the tones will be a bit iced.
In hairdressers too, we look for natural pigments and we avoid going through discoloration. With the rise of organic, brands are trying to launch semi-natural ranges. There are some at Wella and L'Oréal is working on a range, but the products do not yet have optimal hold.


Haircuts, trend colours and style spring 2011.avi (October 2023)