December 1, 2021

The hairstyle of the day: Kate Bosworth so chic with her bun

The beautiful Kate Bosworth seduces us with the freshness of her face, her porcelain complexion and fair fair hair. Here she is yesterday on the set of her latest film, "BFF's and Baby", the absent look, strolling behind the scenes of the feature film.

We love its neo-bourgeois look, chic and modern, and its hairstyle charming. First, Kate Bosworth opted for the bangs, a pretty bangs straight and long to the eyes (a minnow look elsewhere, because the beautiful has a blue eye and a brown eye). This hair trend is back with the seventies style revisited by the designers during the fashion shows.

Second, the original bun, retro but not too, very high and very funny. The beautiful raised her hair, twisted high and then let out a few locks in a very sexy mini ponytail!

And what do you think of this hairstyle glamour ?

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