May 28, 2024

The hammam in winter, mainstream version

We all have in mind this cult scene of hammam in "The truth if I lie". Is the hammam Pasha that oriental conviviality had taken that day! In Saint-Denis the place has even become a tourist place where you can savor a cultural curiosity while rubbing shoulders with the Maghreb diaspora.
Version bis

Building on this success, the second address uses the same codes, namely: very large spaces (700 m²!), A refined tiled decoration, a swimming pool, cabins for the scrub... We go then to many, and we are free to cut off the world without seeing the time go by, lying on the hot slabs, varying the pleasures between the scrub to the horsehair glove and the massage with essential oil, or have a tea in the rest room (which is not the entrance room so out of sight), relaxed on cushy cushions conducive to the nap.

The giant hairdresser next to the cabins will reassure the most coquettish who will want to re-plow the nose or make a simple blow-dry before facing the winter greyness. But those determined to live the experience to the end, will appreciate the dishes of the card that concoct a custom kitchen with Moroccan flavors.

Without realizing it, we spend 3h, 4h, 5 hours as for a cure in a Spa. This is a good stop for those who want to discover the hammam for the first time. Also perfect for special occasions like bachelorette party or henna ceremony.

The +: the restaurant menu from fresh and organic products 
The -: the sauna cabin that has nothing to do with the hammam
17 rue Mayet 75006 Paris
How many ? 60? the basic package

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