December 10, 2023

The highly anticipated work of Yasmina Reza on Nicolas Sarkozy

Entitled Dawn at night or at night (in bookstores on August 24), the test of Yasmina Reza is entirely dedicated to the new President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy. Text described as "very literary" by the author, this document is presented as a true "literary UFO".
For one year, Yasmina Reza followed Nicolas Sarkozy. But Dawn at night or at night is not a biography or an objective portrait, but rather a "disguised self-portrait". According to the magazine Livres Hebdo which reports the author's words, the former Minister of the Interior agreed to play the game a year ago, "out of vanity. I told him that it had never been done and I saw stars shine in his eyes "said Yasmina Reza.
The author also explained that she was more interested initially in "the idea of ​​a beautiful tragedy, around a defeat of the candidate". Over the course of writing, she gradually changed her mind: "With someone like him, who has little disposition to happiness, I told myself that a victory was at least as interesting."
Yasmina Reza, Dawn at night or at night
Released: August 24
Publisher: Flammarion

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