December 10, 2019

The history of the condom

The invention of the condom does not date from yesterday and already in 3000 BC. Egyptian soldiers used sheep and pork casings to protect themselves from possible diseases infectious.
In 1500 BC BC, the goat bladder is used as a condom and the Romans use it to cover their sex.
Already in these remote times, it is forbidden several times because it is accused of inciting debauchery and lust.
Later, other kinds of condoms are found in different civilizations: for example, the linen condom would have been used to protect against certain infections or insect bites. In the temple of Karnak in Egypt, some frescoes adorning the tombs represent the male sex covered with a protective penis case.
At 1st century BC BC, the Romans use the bladders and intestines of animals to cover their genitals.

Closer to us, at 10e In Asia, the first condoms in oiled paper appeared in Asia.
At 16e century in Italy, Gabriele Fallopio invents a sheath of fabric supposed to protect against syphilis.
The legend also says that a certain doctor by the name of Contom (or condom) who officiated at the court of Charles II would be at the origin of the condom in the West.
At 17e century, Louis XIV uses uncomfortable condoms, made from animal casings.
In 1708, the poem Almonds and Parrots refers to this "holster" describing it as "an invention ... that extinguished the heat of the fire of Venus and preserved the flame of the desire for love ... ".
In France, the word "condom" appears in 1780, at the time of the opening of a brothel with a claim "Manufactures safe condoms ... ". It will then be replaced by the expression "frock coat".
At 19e century, the condom is refined: the principle of animal casings remains unchanged but it is embellished with a ribbon of silk ...

It was not until 1880 to see the most current version of the condom appear. The first is made of rubber vulcanized by the tire company Goodyear and Hancock: it is then washable and guaranteed 5 years!
The use of latex condoms will only become widespread in the 1930s.
Today, become the only effective defense against STDs (diseases sexually transmitted), it is the object of a very successful styling: decorated, scented for the current models, it can also adopt extravagant forms. Thus in Amsterdam, a shop dedicated to condoms of all kinds, scented, to taste, as well as models in the shape of Ferrari, characters, etc ... not to be missed for gifts intimate and original!

The History of Condoms (December 2019).