May 28, 2024

The invention of the bottle

Latin "bibere ", which means to drink, the baby bottle is a container for the artificial feeding of infants. Made of glass or plastic, it has the appearance of a bottle and its tip is a rubber nipple that has been pierced to facilitate the flow of milk.

 The first "baby bottles" would go back to medieval times. At that time, there is mention of cow horns pierced, at the end of which was fixed a piece of leather ... In the countryside, many women used this technique. Prior to this period, there was no baby bottle, but the different objects used for breastfeeding are more like "breast pumps".

At 16e and 17e century, the "baby bottles"will continue: they are evolved versions of medieval cornet glass, wood or silver.

The industrial Revolution will allow the production of baby bottles to take off and be manufactured on a large scale. Transparent and unalterable, glass becomes widespread at the beginning of 19e century. Édouard Robert, a Dijon entrepreneur, is the eponymous inventor of baby bottle : he creates a model with a long pipe called "baby bottle robert à vanne ", it will be displayed at the World Fair in Paris in 1873. Édouard Robert will receive a medal of honor.
The shape of the flounder will last for nearly a century.

At the beginning of the 20the century, hygiene will become the main concern Manufacturers and doctors, the model "Robert" will be banned in 1910 and manufacturers will improve their models. An article in a scientific journal even accuses baby bottle Robert "infanticide ".

In the first half of the 20the century, several models of baby bottles are made. Infant mortality at this time is wreaking havoc both in the city and in the countryside, and manufacturers are thinking of alternative milks. The first milk powder is created by Nestlé and at this time, the big brands of the dairy industry start manufacturing baby bottles.

Bottle becomes an asset of the time: Nestlé then Gloria, Gervais and others launch baby bottles to promote their products ... Several models of baby bottles appear on the market, they have a complex nipple system with a tube inside and they each bear the name of their inventor.
In the early 1950s, the baby bottle with screwed ring. This system continues today. The brands Mont Blanc, Remond and Guigoz are the first to market it.

In the second half of the 20the century, manufacturers are thinking about new concepts of baby bottles and of material, because the glass poses the problem of the cleaning, moreover it is heavy and breakable. Cannon Avent then invents the baby bottle in polycarbonate.

The Avent brand is created in 1984, it has transformed the shape of the baby bottle by imposing a lower form in the whole world.
Edward Atkin, the owner of the mark, remarked on the defects of the baby bottle traditional: narrow container, hard nipple ... He creates models with silicone nipples and a leak-proof valve.
The baby bottle Advent is now the best breastfeeding device in terms of shape and technology. The silicone nipple has no taste or smell and its wide neck facilitates cleaning, it even limits the colic of the newborn.

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