November 30, 2021

The killer sold by Google

From her office, Melanie McGuire, a nurse in New Jersey, spent part of her day on April 18, 2004 on Google and MSN Search. She had looked for several things: "How to kill someone", "immediate poison", "undetectable poison", as well as information on firearms legislation in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

She is suspected, ten days later, of shooting her husband with a revolver bought in Pennsylvania. She had previously drugged him. And then cut it into pieces, packed in three suitcases. She is being judged at this moment by a tribunal, and could be confounded before anything by the traces of her researches.

Suspicious Mails

For the police found even more precise than the researches carried out a few days before the murder: on the day of the murder, chloral hydrate was bought at a pharmacy in his city. The same one used to drug the victim. But the same day, Melanie McGuire had sought the address of the same pharmacy. She had bought the chloral hydrate under pseudonym, but thanks to a prescription issued by a certain Dr. Miller, at the time the lover of Melanie McGuire, as attested by ... several emails found on the computer of this last.

The jury must still see the results of the DNA analyzes. But the general opinion is that the internet has already done a lot of work. The judgment must be rendered within a week ...

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