May 23, 2022

The lengthening of the penis

When men approach the size of their penis, it is always a delicate subject. On the one hand, if the organ in question is small, it is a source of complexes and on the other hand, even if the size is "normal". , men often tend to compare themselves to pornstars who have penis size XXL, which gives them unfounded complexes.

But for some men, have a penis of less than 8 cm
is disabling, they lock themselves into their shyness and do not dare to live their sexuality.

The solution remains penile surgery
which consists in ''take off a suspensory ligament from the penis '' and which allows to gain two centimeters at most on the initial size. The intervention should not be considered a trivial operation. It takes place under general anesthesia and leaves a slight scar.

This operation is practiced in clinics as in public hospitals. For those who can afford, private clinics provide very expensive services of up to 10,000?

But be aware that the lengthening of the penis can be reimbursed by the Social Security when it is an anomaly and a proven complex.

After the intervention, it is necessary to know that the aspect of the penis is modified, it hangs, at rest as in erection.

If your partner makes a fixette on the size of his organ, watch out for scams and charlatans that abound: penis extenders, miracle pills ... doctors are unanimous: apart from surgery, nothing can lengthen the penis.
Our advice
Before going to the operating table, it is important to first consult a psychiatrist and a sexologist, to validate his motivations and talk about the problem, in order to make an informed decision. We advise you to participate in some meetings to give your point of view and your feelings.

Cosmetic Phalloplasty: Penile Lengthening & Girth Enhancement (May 2022)