April 17, 2024

The life of my blanket always makes more for parents

So far, custom books with the security blanket your child were only available on the internet. The stores Cultura, teaches, offer since mid-May gift boxes.

Why a gift box?

We do not always have access to security blanket to be able to take a picture while a dad or a mom ... yes! They have the time to use the gift card and to "steal" temporarily the security blanket of their child without anything appearing. This gift box is ideal if you want to complete the collection of personalized books of the grandson or niece. The mistake is no longer allowed because parents will choose the model of the book themselves. There will be no more duplicate!

The gift box: what does it contain?

A security blanket card with a prepaid code, a catalog presenting all the books in the collection and the procedure for placing an order. In goodies, a string of postcards all illustrated by Clémentine Derodit. After settling in a Cultura store, parents will only have to log on to the site to place the prepaid order. To find the exact address of the points of sale, visit

My life security blanket : kézaco?

This brand offers custom books with the security blanket of the child. By sending three pictures of security blanket, the latter is then staged in funny and unusual situations. This collection of books consists of nine stories: the day of my security blanket, my security blanket and the jungle animals, my security blanket play sports, my security blanket in Paris, my security blanket protect the planet, my security blanket and the farm animals, my security blanket and the colors, my security blanket does his circus and my security blanket and Santa Claus.

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