May 28, 2024

The Little Body, by Corinne Solliec

By Sandrine Brasse

Estelle Maréchal, 20, is anorexic. His suffering is immense and also affects his entourage: his mother, and especially his boyfriend.

The subject
This novel is a slice of life, with the backdrop of anorexia. The narrator recounts her harsh daily life, her lack of self-esteem, and her lucidity about her eating and sexual behavior.

The decor
Estelle comes from an affluent background. She lives in the chic districts of Paris.

The style
Concise, rhythmic, and especially very human, the style used by Corinne Solliec has a particularity: this novel is written in the first person, except when the impulses of the narrator take over her reason: the subject then becomes "The little body".

Three adjectives to describe this book
Poignant, endearing, frenetic.

Why you will like
Because this first novel, very promising, is written with a lot of realism. Perhaps you will even recognize in this character a relative, imprisoned by his problems, but whom you can not help.

The author
Born in 1977 in Paris, Corinne Solliec is a college English teacher. The small body is his first novel... very promising.

The little body, Corinne Solliec, Gallimard, 12?

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