June 5, 2020

The little secrets of white chocolate

The chocolate white you bite one or two squares often enough but what exactly do you know of this greed? We unveil the secrets of the chocolate White.

Great remedy for heartbreaks and blues, answer to small cravings or simple pleasure ... It seems that there is really no reason to crack for chocolate black, milk or white.
By the way if you are honed chocolate, what do you know about chocolate White ? What is it made of? Its virtues are they the same as that of the chocolate black? Is cooking the same way? We tell you everything!

Composition of white chocolate
The realization of chocolate white is regulated but manufacturing standards vary across continents. Without going into too much detail, we can say that the chocolate white consists of cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder (that's where it holds its taste).

Nutritional values ​​of white chocolate
Calorie question were you expecting the big gap? Well no. 100g of chocolate white totals 545 Kcal just like the chocolate black (70% cocoa).
It is between carbohydrates and lipids that the gap is widening. Contrary to chocolate black makes 40, 50, 70% cocoa on chocolate white it consists only of cocoa butter (it is to avoid its waste during the manufacture of the chocolate black that we imagined the chocolate White). This choclat is very fat and its contribution in magnesium, fiber ... is tiny, or even zero.

White chocolate in the kitchen
The chocolate blanc is an exceptional binder and a true flavor sensor. Charlotte, cheese cake, mousse ... Incorporate it into your cookies, your muffins, your fondant and why not confronting it with its counterparts milk and black. But your desserts will find a new note with the chocolate White.


To note: it is always better to melt its chocolates to be pasted in a bain-marie. The texture will be more beautiful and the chocolate more shiny.

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