August 15, 2020

The LOL object of the month: the Pucci minaudière

In terms of bags, creators and luxury brands are waging a merciless war to create the bag which will become an it bag. It must be said that the stakes are enormous: an it bag, these are releases guaranteed in the press, and sales that fly away!

Among the latest successes, the 24:00 of Darel, the bag Alexa at Mulberry, PS1 Proenza Schouler to name just a few examples.

Faced with so much pressure, it seems that some brands do not know what to invent. As evidenced by this minaudière signed Pucci. No bigger than a pack of cigarettes, this mini bag does it cost a whopping 820? Gloups, a dizzying price for a tiny bag which will contain, and still, a lipstick and a blue card, of course!

But when we love, we do not count, do we?

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