October 5, 2022

The look of the first lady decrypted

Carla, Michelle, Rachida, Laetitia, Rania, be they princesses, politicians or first lady, these women of power have extended their sphere of influence beyond the political sphere to invest the small world of fashion. At a time when form matters as much as substance and political communication sometimes takes precedence over political programs, the look of the first lady has become a diplomatic issue. Today we talk as much about the tailor Carla Bruni Sarkozy than the president's international politics when the presidential couple is in China.

How to forget the negative buzz that surrounded the cover of Paris Match with a Rachida Dati, minister of justice, posing in a panther dress and DIor waders, or the positive buzz this time around the official trip of the Sarkozy couple in Britain.

We are far from Elisabeth Guigou who, in the early 90's, shocked her male colleagues by wearing a skirt suit and a bright red lipstick ...

In her book, Valérie Domain proposes a little sketchbook of trends: Rachida Dati the over scratched to Carla Bruni Sarkozy From the casual BCBG to Rania the queen of style, Valerie Domain takes a look at the favorite looks and designers of the first lady.

Total Look, by Valérie Domain, 19,95? at Hugo & co

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