June 6, 2020

The Mézières method

According to Françoise Mézières, the muscles, by their interweaving, determine the shape of the body. If they shrink, our movements are affected and pain and deformations then appear.

The action of the Mézières method is exercised on the chains of muscles that work together. The human body has four, the most important of which is the one from the base of the skull to the feet. The practitioner acts in such a way as to free the muscles of their tensions and to restore their original length. The Mézières method is said to be structural osteopathy. Indeed, both are complementary.

Prescribed by a doctor, a session of the Mézières method lasts 45 to 60 minutes. It is generally recommended for the same indications as physiotherapy, namely orthopedic, muscular, rheumatic, neuralgic and neurological disorders. Some imbalances of the neurovegetative system can find an answer in the Mézières method, such as cardiac, digestive, gynecological diseases, etc.

The practitioner examines the patient's imbalances, listen to what the patient has to say about his symptoms and feel the tissues to feel the tension. He remodels the body with the help of exercises, postures and manipulations, goes up the muscular chains and observes precisely how the body is loosened. Each session is very personalized.

Our advice
There is no age contraindication; simply a serious practitioner will not treat you if you have an infection with fever, depression, are under three months pregnant, or simply lack motivation.

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