February 22, 2020

The man Hugo Boss: 30 years of sport in F1

Hugo Boss celebrates 30 years of partnership with Mc Laren stables. No, the famous brand of men's ready-to-wear has signed no partnership for strollers and "stalls"does not mean that Hugo Boss is riding a pony or a black stallion, Mc Laren is a Formula 1 team, and Hugo Boss has been working with her for 30 years.

"Excellency", "performance", "perfection"These are the values ​​that have united the two brands for years, with a lot of victories and titles of champions, which allows your man, dressed in Hugo Boss to take the pace of champion, and that, this is not to displease you.

Hence a special birthday collection designed by Hugo Boss with 20,000 pieces combining the look and comfort and the safety standards necessary for this sport of the extreme. A stylish and robust look, sporty and elegant that we imagine pretty well worn in the city.

Christie Helps Celebrate Hugo Boss and McLaren F1's 30th Anniversary in Style (February 2020)