August 15, 2020

The Montignac diet

1- Principle
Montignac is based on the fact that weight gain is linked to a consumption of bad carbohydrates that would cause a dysfunction of the pancreas. This would facilitate fat storage by increasing insulin levels. His diet therefore is to ban all the bad sugars from your food and to increase the consumption of protein, even fat.
It is therefore to avoid white bread, rice, carrots, potatoes, pasta ... In short, all foods that increase blood sugar. Only whole grains: whole rice and some pulses are allowed. For fats, unsaturated fatty acids are part of the program: olive oil, fish fats. By cons, you must flee all fats of animal origin!
2- For whom?
It is intended for active people, rather young, used to a food rich.
3- Menu type
In the morning, consume coffee or tea, whole grains or wholemeal bread, 0% white cheese. At lunch, eat raw vegetables or vegetables with meat or fish. In the evening, a soup with meat, fish or eggs ...
4- Advantages
You do not feel like you're at diet ! Your food is high in fiber and you can even afford some dishes in sauce. You can also dine at the restaurant and socialize. By maintaining the basics of this food for life, you will maintain your weight.
5- Disadvantages
You may feel a feeling of fatigue caused by the lack of sugar, but this diet does not present any inconvenience for your health.
Learn more
I eat so I lose weight, by Michel Montignac at Éditions J'ai lu, 2001.

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