April 20, 2024

The movie "The Gruffalo" will seduce young children

By the way, what's a Gruffalo? The Gruffalo has hooked toes, an ugly wart on the tip of the nose, sharp claws and sharp teeth in a steel jaw. And he will surely become your child's new friend. This animated film, based on a bestseller of children's literature, was nominated for the Oscars 2011 and awarded at the Annecy 2010 festival.

The story: a little mouse walks in a very dark wood. She meets a fox, an owl and a snake who find her very appetizing and invite her to lunch in their home. But the little mouse, very clever, pretends to meet with a ... Gruffalo, a terrible monster with huge fangs, sharp claws and sharp teeth in a steel jaw ...
... The three animals get scared and run away. Proud of its discovery, the mouse continues its way gaily and falls face to nose with a Gruffalo ... Your toddler wants to know the continuation of history? All you have to do is buy the DVD of the movie The Gruffalo who is coming out today ... March 1st.

The characters in the movie The Gruffalo (squirrel mum, mouse, fox, snake, owl and of course Gruffalo) will undoubtedly help the child to face his fears. This DVD is for a very young audience but the whole family will find a certain pleasure.

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