January 24, 2021

The nail polish of the summer: the tips of a professional manicure

That's it, the French manicure is definitely over?

Yes I confirm ! I think she has had her day and we have seen enough like that. It is normal to move on. I believe a lot in dark and flashy colors this summer. In my opinion, it will be an incredible success.

Attention, the French has not yet said its last word or rather say that it survives in another style ... On dark blue nails or bright red, it is very likely to spend a thin layer of varnish golden on the tip of the nail.
It's pretty and we can say that it's the new French. More festive, more glam and perfect on the beach or for a party!

Which nail shape is the most trendy?

It's the square shape, without a doubt. Be careful though to have all the nails of the same length for a nice effect, otherwise it can be a little rough or neglected. Even with the most beautiful colors!
Almond nails, which are very fashionable in the 1970s, are also slowly coming back.

One thing is certain: the nail is always short. It must be said that fashion is the color and that as soon as you put on long nails, it is not easy to wear at all!

Do you recommend special care for the polishes of the summer?

You really have to apply a base on the nail before the nail polish.

If you put the nail polish directly, you end up yellowing it because of the solvents. And in the summer, we often put nail polish because it leaves faster because of the beach, the pool and so on. So it is essential to put a base to preserve the good health of the nail.

And then, especially, the flashy color varnishes are very difficult to remove completely with solvent and often we have to file the nail behind, which is wasting time. While with a base, we do not have this problem, the traces of varnish go very quickly with the solvent.

I insist: the base has a double utility. It's a shame that most women are "skipping this box" because they think they're saving time.

How to best apply a varnish of bright color?

Once you have laid the base, it is imperative to apply two layers of varnish successive.
Otherwise the color will be irregular, sometimes marbled or too pale. To bring out the pigments of color, you have to go twice!

As a final touch, consider putting a top-coat systematically. The shine of the varnish will be all the more sublime and you will have beautiful vinyl nails!
The image may surprise but it's a bit like the body of a car, if it does not shine, it's ugly ... The last finishes are essential.

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