August 15, 2022

The name boy of the day: Célian

When he is a child, Célian is a good-natured person who prefers to laugh and play. On the other hand, he will tend to abandon his school work. The role of dad and mum is to be particularly present and serious at this level. Disordered or disorganized, your little blonde head can be a dreamer and show self-satisfaction.

Growing up, Célian's personality is endearing. He is indeed open, confident, sociable, friendly and warm. Very comfortable everywhere, he seeks society. Thanks to his sense of communication, he has speaking abilities. As a rule, Celian are lively, insightful, observant and curious about everything.

But Celian do not have only qualities. Such a man does not exist! Its main fault is to disperse. He is superficial and is the enemy of prolonged efforts.

But I have to go back to his qualities! Radiant and smiling, he is also very endearing.

Céline Dion - I'm Alive (Official Video) (August 2022)