August 15, 2022

The name boy of the day: Ilyes

So we decided to give you a gift by proposing the first name Ilyes. Discover the meaning of this first name which is carried by about 10,000 French.

In the spring of their life, little boys, who wear this first nameare possessive. They are rather good children on school benches when they are supervised and supported. Be careful, the Ilyes are impatient and sometimes unstable children. They like to have fun and laugh.

Over the years, the Ilyes become dynamic, enterprising and charming. They are rather materialistic and their persuasiveness is important. They are determined and stubborn men. Physical exercises will allow him to let off steam and be less aggressive.

The Ilyes are critical, susceptible and curious. They possess a beautiful dexterity. Oh, I was going to forget, they do not like monotony. Enthusiastic, they accept no constraint. They love action and traveling. In love, the Ilyes are possessive and jealous.

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