June 23, 2024

The name boy of the day: Isidore

When they are children, Isidore can have a double personality. They can be curious, lively, unstable or even versatile. But they can be as thoughtful and lonely. Dear dad and dear mumIt is therefore necessary to allow him to live these two polarities by promoting, for example, games of reflection such as chess and sports. The family must know how to listen and encourage him to communicate otherwise he could lock himself up in an ivory tower between 9 and 16 years old.

Growing up, the isidores are reserved and secret. They sometimes give the impression of being insensitive and distant. When they have found their mark, they can be friendly and open. When they grow up, the double personality side is still true! Sometimes laughing, light, seductive, passionate, they can take a few moments later their serious character costume, thoughtful and more serious.

A complicated man! Some days, Isidore will be extroverted, playful, enthusiastic, attracted by pleasures and amusements. At other times, he will be introverted, asocial or solitary. The Isidore are however sensitive beings but humor is their outlet.
Its color is green and its number 7.

Johnny Blaine - The Ballard Of Isadore Comeaux (June 2024)