December 1, 2021

The name girl of the day: Jade

This first name The girl is now worn by about 53,000 people in France. Jade, which is first and foremost a fine green stone, is a first name inspired by nature. In France, the first Jade were born in 1973. Who are they? What do they like?

The little girls, who wear this first name, are volunteers, hardworking, athletic and perfectionists. They are good students. The family must promote group activities that will develop their sense of solidarity. It must be known that the Jade can be insensitive.

When they grow up, the Jade have a strong personality and easily gain the upper hand over others. They are also dynamic, courageous and passionate. They generally assert their rights and ideas with gentleness. But they can also be firm when needed.

They do not always know how to apply their projects and ideas. It must be known that the action allows them to channel their nervousness. They hate injustice. Very human, they are interested in others. They are feminist and can oscillate between absolute possessiveness and a certain altruism.

Jade Eagleson - Got Your Name On It (Official Video) (December 2021)