November 28, 2022

The name girl of the day: Rose

76thfirst name feminine most given in France since the beginning of the century, it is promised a bright future. Indeed, it could be attributed to a baby of 171 in 2012. Who are they? What do they like?

Little girls are mischievous, mischievous, talkative and bad tongues. These spirits tend to demotivate very quickly. The Rose are very emotional. The artistic (dance, drawing) and foreign languages ​​are to be cultivated among the Rose. To grow properly, they need to live in a stable environment.

Women are friendly and dynamic. Their enthusiasm is indeed communicative. The Rose are however fragile and do not trust them. Lively, they like to seduce and distract their loved ones. Curious, the Rose tend to disperse. They are also adroit and look for contacts. In their life, friendship holds an important place. They dread loneliness.

170513 THE ROSE (더로즈) - Ment + Beautiful Girl (우성, 도준 focus) (November 2022)