December 9, 2019

The name girl of the day: Victoria

This first name girl, which means victorious in Latin, has been attributed to about 25,000 people in France. He is still in the top 100 French. The little girls, who are called Victoria, are of great emotional fragility and diminished vitality. A good union with his family environment is essential to his balance. The opposite could have disastrous effects on its development. The Victoria are dreamy and anxious. The Victoria girls are studious girls who are made for studies.

Later, the Victoria are secret women, reserved, introverted and even anxious. The Victoria are good at analysis and have a critical sense. Intellectual activities are essential for Victoria otherwise they can experience depressive states. For Victoria, friendship is sacred but loneliness does not scare them. The Victoria, who are very shy and emotional, are usually poorly armed with the realities and difficulties of life.

Shane MacGowan and the Popes - Victoria (December 2019).