September 19, 2020

The name Louise, what you should know

Louise comes from the Germanic, "illustrates in combat". this first name feminine is composed of the germain "hold", famous, and "wig", fight. Louise, very fashionable, is worn by 100,000 people in France and is among the top 50 first names french!

Louise is a first name very common at the end of the eighteenth century among wealthy families, but the situation changed in the early 1900s: Louise spreads throughout society, to reach one girl out of three for 50 years.

Then from 1950 to the 2000s, Louise comes back to the heart of the trend of first names retro. A few more figures: Louise is the 22nd first name given in France since the beginning of the twenty-first century. In 2010, it can be estimated that one in 1,116 girls will wear this first name.

Faithful, loyal and elegant, Louise has a great sense of responsibility. Sentimental, she needs to love and be loved, without falling into the blue flower clichés.

Retro baby girls, it's here!

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