August 16, 2022

The name of the day: Balthazar

Origin of the first name
Of Greek origin, the first name Balthazar means "God protects the king". This first name is not well attributed, it is carried by 1000 people in France. On the other hand since 2007, it spreads more and more. We celebrate the Balthazar on January 6th.
History of Balthazar
According to Christian tradition, Balthazar is one of the Magi from the East. The three men came from foreign countries to pay homage to the Infant Jesus and bring him gifts of great symbolic richness: gold, myrrh and incense. After being guided by a star that brought him to Bethlehem Balthazar arrived before Jesus and offered him myrrh. There is also another Balthazar in the Old Testament. This is the king of Babylon. One day the king organized a feast and during the meal a mysterious inscription appeared on a wall. It was the prophet Daniel who interpreted the message and announced the imminent end of the kingdom. During the night following the feast, the prophecy was realized with the assassination of Balthazar.

Character of Balthazar
Strong and strong in appearance, Balthazar can prove to be a great sensitive. At work he is very ambitious, organized and skilled. In love, Balthazar is a passionate man.

Trey Balthazar of the day #2 (August 2022)