June 2, 2020

The name of the day: Benoit

Etymology of given name Benoit
The first name Benoit comes from Latin and means "blessed". This first name is carried by about 118,000 people in France and is in the top 200 national. Benoit is honored on July 11th.

Coming from an Italian noble family in the 4th century, Saint Benoit retired to meditate in a cave at the end of his studies. He founded twelve monasteries, including the abbey of Monte Cassino, near Naples, and served for centuries as a unique model for all orders of Christendom. He played a major role in the Church and Christian society. He died in 547 and he was proclaimed "Patron of Europe" by Pope Pius XII in 1947. Subsequently, first name remained a long time first name discreet, which was especially reserved for fervent Catholics. In the middle of the twentieth century, it has experienced a rapid rise and continues to be quite common today in France.

Benoit is a faithful young man. In his professional life he adapts easily within a team and likes to communicate. In his personal life, the young man is very sensitive and likes to share good moments with his family.

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