October 21, 2020

The name of the day: Cameron

Etymology of name Cameron
The first name Cameron comes from Scots and means "hooked nose". This first name is carried by about 3,000 people in Frace but remains little attributed today unlike the English-speaking countries where this first name is very widespread.

The first name Cameron was long used as a family name in the history of Great Britain. We find, for example, the first explorer V.L Cameron, who crossed Africa from East to West. It is also he who gave his name to the State of Cameroon. Subsequently, Cameron spread heavily in English-speaking countries like England, Canada and Australia. It began to spread in France in the 1990s and is still timidly attributed.

Cameron is a willing and balanced young man. In his professional life he has a sense of responsibility and is a reasoned person. In his love life, Cameron enjoys being close to family and friends.

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