April 1, 2020

The name of the day: Cassandre

Etymology of firstname Cassandre
The first name Cassandra comes from Greek and means "who helps men". This first name is carried by about 9,000 people in France and is even in the top 200 national. The Cassandras are honored on the day of St. Diana on June 9.

In Greek mythology, Cassandra, the most beautiful of King Priam's daughters, had the gift of prophecy. In love, she filled Apollo with his passion until the day when she made the mistake of rejecting him. In revenge, Apollo condemned her never to be believed when she had predictions. She never ceased to announce the capture and ruin of Troy, but they made fun of her. After the victory of the Greeks, she had a restless life and was murdered by Queen Clytemnestra. Subsequently, at the time of the Renaissance, the first name Cassandra was regularly used in the upper classes, both in Italy and England. In France it is only from 1990 that Cassandra but also Cassandra were a great success and still remain today first names very awarded.

Cassandra is a creative and optimistic young woman. In her professional life, she enjoys working as a team. In her personal life Cassandre is social and emotional. She is therefore very attached to family values

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