December 9, 2019

The name of the day: Claire

Saint Clare, a close friend of Saint Francis of Assisi

Founder of the Order of the Poor Ladies, an order later called Clarisses, St. Clare is at the origin of the apostolate of the cities undertaken by Saint Francis of Assisi. St. Clare was very close to the latter: on the death of St. Francis of Assisi, the funeral cortege accompanying the body of the deceased made a stop at St. Clare.

History and evolution of the first name Claire daughter

The first name Claire is the feminine form of Clair, a first name French masculine very widespread during the first centuries of our era. Today, only the female form Clear survived. Diffused steadily throughout the twentieth century, the Claire's first name experienced a spike in popularity during the 1980s. The trend has been declining since, and although some parents choose to give a first name as Clear to their little girl, the form Clara is growing in size.

Claire's personality

Clear is someone of fairness, who does not support injustice. Lively and extroverted, she likes to entertain and amuse those around her. Clear is generous and cheerful. Her alertness and sense of entertainment push her towards the performing arts, while her attention leads her to a career turned towards others (medical or legal sector).

Claire, an international name

The simplicity of Claire's first name gives it an interesting international aspect which can be taken into account when the moment of choosing a first name. Many variations of this first name are distributed throughout Europe. Examples include Claatje, Chiara, Clarinda, Klara or Clare.