September 19, 2020

The name of the day: Enzo

Etymology of given name Enzo
The first name Enzo comes from Germanic and means "master of house". This first name is carried by about 89,000 people in France and is even in the top 50 national. Enzo is honored on July 13th.

In history we find Enzo, who was named king of Sardinia by his father in 1239 and fought valiantly with him. After the defeat of the emperor, he was banished to Bologna and lived there twenty-three years. He was a great scholar, and his poems are now considered the first literary works of the Italian language. He died in 1272. Thereafter, Enzo became very popular Italy but also in France. Indeed, with the trend of first names short Enzo is now ranked in the top 50 national ranking at the 4th place of the top 20 men in 2013.

Enzo is a balanced young man. In his professional life, he is demanding but likes to work in a team. In his personal life the young man is very close to his family and he can sometimes be shy.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass entrance (Raw 2016-09-12) (September 2020)