May 28, 2024

The name of the day: Flore

Etymology of first name Flore
The first name Flora comes from Latin and means "flower". This first name is carried by about 9,000 people and remains relatively unassigned. Flores are celebrated on November 24th.

Flora would be the French version of Florence but also Flora. Thanks to these first names flourishing, they flourished throughout Europe from the Renaissance and have enjoyed uninterrupted favor since then. Although Flora is very trendy since the 1990s, first name Flore managed to make a place for himself and he became a first name traditional very popular in France. Moreover, the year this first name was the most awarded is in 1992.

Les Flore is a loyal, receptive and social girl. In her personal life Flore is usually a sensitive person but is always there to help her loved ones. In her professional life, Flore lets others take the lead.

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