February 29, 2024

The name of the day: Hippolyte

Etymology of given name Hippolyte
The first name Hippolyte comes from the Greek and means hair tamer. This first name is carried by about 5,000 people in France and remains relatively unallocated today. Hippolytes are celebrated on August 13th.

In Greek mythology, Hippolyte was the son of Theseus and the queen of the Amazons. He was sent by his father to Trézène in Argolis to claim the throne of his grandfather Pitthé. Hippolyte was an excellent hunter and built a temple to the goddess Artemis which displeased Aphrodite. Later, Hippolyte appeared in Greek and Latin Antiquity and began to spread in Italy. In Great Britain, this first name appeared in The Dream of a Shakespeare's Summer Night written between 1594 and 1595. In France, Hippolyte appeared in the nineteenth century and still remains today a first name appreciated.

Hippolyte is a sensitive young man. In his professional life he integrates easily into a team and he likes to help others. In his personal life Hippolyte is a reasoned person.

Line of the Day | Hippolyte Leroux (February 2024)