May 30, 2020

The name of the day: Jonathan

Etymology of name Jonathan
The first name Jonathan comes from Hebrew and means "God gave". This first name is carried by about 102 000 people in France and is even in the top 200 national. Jonathan is honored on March 1st.

In the Old Testament, Jonathan the son of the king of Saul is the young officer who repels the enemy army by killing the Philistine general. His courage, generosity and intelligence are legendary. Subsequently, the first name Jonathan began to spread in the sixteenth century among English Protestants but also in Scandinavian and Dutch-speaking countries. It was particularly popular among Americans in the eighteenth century, so much so that English soldiers who opposed the separatists called them "Jonathan". In France, Jonathan appeared around 1975 and he became very popular, to the point of being in the tenth place first names in 1988. Today Jonathan remains one first name very appreciated in the hexagon.

Jonathan is a faithful and intuitive young man. In his professional life, Jonathan is very receptive and enjoys teamwork. In his personal life and especially in love Jonathan is tender and warm but also loyal.

Remember the name Jonathan Toews (May 2020)