May 23, 2022

The name of the day: Kristen

Origin of name Kristen
The first name Kristen comes from Greek and means "messiah". This first name rare is carried by nearly 400 people in France but has experienced strong growth since 2005. Kristen may be celebrated on July 24th day of St. Christine.

Name History Kristen
Little is known about Kristen's story. It turns out that the oldest would be a 14 year old martyr who was allegedly executed by his father because he could not stand being a Christian.

Kristen's character
Kristen is a determined woman with a sense of responsibility. At work she is perfectionist and can be authoritarian. In love Kristen is very close to her family.

Some famous Kristen
Here are some celebrities who wear the first name Kristen they are all actresses: we find the American-German actress of Swedish origin Kristen Dunst, as well as the American Kristen Bell and Kristen Stewart.

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