March 1, 2021

The name of the day: Lisa

Etymology of name Lisa
The first name Lisa comes from Hebrew and means "God is Oath". This first name is carried by about 57,000 people in France. He even figures in the top 50 national. Lisa is celebrated on November 17th.

Diminutive Anglophone Elizabeth but also derived from Loeiza, Breton equivalent of Louise, the first name Lisa emerged in the French top 20 in the early 2000s. Long eclipsed by the popularity of Lise, it was in the English and Scandinavian countries but also in Germany and Italy that Lisa first experienced an unexpected triumph in the 1980s, before spreading to France. Today this first name has become common and continues to be attributed thanks to the trend of first names which ends with the letter A.

Lisa is a curious and dynamic girl. In her professional life, she has facilities for expression, exchange and discussion but she likes to keep her privacy and independence. In her personal life, Lisa is charismatic and generally needs to be reassured and reassured by her family.

Lisa's name day is worth every cheer! (March 2021)