August 16, 2022

The name of the day: Paloma

The first name Paloma
The first name Paloma comes from Spanish and means "dove". This first name also refers to the Virgin of the Paloma (Notre-Dame-de-Colombe in Madrid). Paloma is carried by about 5,000 people in France and remains relatively unallocated today. Paloma is honored on August 5th.

Paloma began to be attributed in antiquity and represented for the poets a soft and tender image. This symbol was also associated with the Virgin Mary by the Spanish of the sixteenth century, venerated often since then under the name of Our Lady of the Palombe. Subsequently, Paloma remained a first name specifically Spanish until the notoriety of the young Paloma Picasso, daughter of the great painter, is spread throughout the world. In France, although this first name not very much attributed, it remains very appreciated.

Paloma is a persevering and ambitious young woman. In her personal life she is a very pleasant person to live. Enthusiastic, she likes to please and cares for others and attaches great importance to her emotional life. In her professional life, Paloma is a motivated young woman and enjoys working as a team.

The day of wedding of Diego and Paloma who disappears (August 2022)