May 28, 2024

The name of the day: Riwan

Origin of the first name
The first name Riwan comes from Breton and means "king, value". This first name today is little attributed. It is also worn by 700 people in France but has risen since 2010. The holy Riwan is celebrated on February 18th.

History of the first name
We know almost nothing about the life of Saint Riwan. He would have lived in the sixth and seventh century and was a disciple of St. Malo in Britain. At that time he would have been revered as a saint and spent much of his life as a hermit.

Character of Riwan
Riwan is a loyal man who knows how to take the time to think and choose the right decisions. At work, Riwan is someone very open, meticulous and orderly. In love, the young man is very endearing and generous.

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