April 17, 2024

The name of the day: Romeo

Etymology of given name Roméo
The first name Romeo comes from Latin and means "from Rome". This first name is carried by about 6,000 people in France and relatively unassigned today. Romeo is honored on February 25th.

In history we find Saint Romeo who was at the end of the 14th century, a simple brother of the Carmelites of Limoges. Some time later, he undertook the pilgrimage to Rome but contracted the plague in a small town in Tuscany in Lucca. He died of this disease in 1380. He was buried under the name Romeo (pilgrim of Rome) and it was under this name that he was beatified. first name spread to Italy and became popular thanks to the work of Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet. Translated and adapted in all languages ​​this legendary love story has made known the first name Romeo around the world. Today it remains little attributed but remains very popular in France and Europe.

Romeo is an enthusiastic, voluntary and charismatic young man. In his professional life, Romeo is communicative with all those around him. In his personal life, he seeks above all harmony and serenity.

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