September 28, 2020

The name of the day: Sébastien

Etymology of given name Sébastien
The first name Sebastian comes from the Greek sebastos and means "respected, revered". This first name is carried by about 296,000 people and even figures in the top 200 national. We honor Sébastien on January 20th.

During Antiquity first name Sebastian appeared but then disappeared until the fifteenth century. We also find in History, San Sebastián, a captain in the army of Diocletian who was beaten to death by his soldiers, when they discovered that he was a Christian. At the rebirth it spread to most Western countries. Sébastien subsequently became popular and was propelled to the top of the list of first names masculine, thanks to the series Belle and Sébastien. It is today very attributed in the Hexagon.

Sebastien is a tenacious man. At work, he is determined and work methodically. In his personal life Sébastien is a faithful man whether in love or in friendship.

Sébastien Dupéré International You Day Tony Sly tribute (September 2020)