August 14, 2022

The name of the day: Sabrina

Etymology of the first name
The first name Sabrina comes from Hebrew and means "thorny cactus". Sabrina is also the name of a river in Wales in which Princess Sabrina drowned. This first name is carried by about 93,000 people in France and Figure even in the top 200 national. Sabrina is honored on August 29th.

In history, the Sabrina River owed its name to the illegitimate daughter of King Locrine, whom his wife, Queen Gwendoline, had thrown into the river to take revenge on her husband. Subsequently Sabrina was used to characterize many legends of the High Middle Ages and was taken up by several poets. It was not until the nineteenth century that first name was very popular in the English-speaking countries and especially in the United States where Sabrina has experienced a peak of popularity. In France Sabrina spread in the 1950s and continues to be attributed today.

Sabrina is a determined and daring young woman. In her professional life, she is independent but she nevertheless likes to lead a team. In her personal life, Sabrina is a dynamic person who enjoys being surrounded by her family.

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