March 26, 2023

The name of the day: Théophile

Meaning of name Théophile
The first name Theophile comes from the Greek Theos and Philein, which means "Who loves God". This first name is carried by about 8,000 people in France and remains little attributed today. The Saint Theophilus is celebrated on October 13th but also on December 20th.

History of the name Théophile
It was at the beginning of the Christian era that the first name Theophilus begins to spread. Indeed in the second century, one of the fathers of the Church named Saint Theophilus, became Bishop of Antioch, succeeding Eros around 169. Before his death in 183, he wrote many books including "the Treated at Autolycus"Although Theophilus is a first name of Greek origin, it spread to many countries from the 16th and 17th centuries, when the first name Theo begins to become popular.

The ambitious character of Théophile
Theophile is a curious being who likes to learn new things. He does not let anything perceive because Théophile is a strong and ambitious man. In love the young man is fully involved in his relationship.

Theophil Adzeh - Adoration et Louange 2 (March 2023)