August 15, 2022

The new Beaujolais is coming!

Before tasting Beaujolais new 2008, you may have crossed the new advertising campaigns with this slogan "the new has arrived? signed by the artist Ben Vautier. And yes, the Beaujolais again, it's a real phenomenon. Born in the 1950s, the wine vintage quickly became a national event. Every year, we discover the new vintage that everyone tastes but nobody really appreciates! Everyone's tastes, one thing is certain, the Beaujolais new request to be tasted.
We reveal to you a scoop: considering the weak harvest 2008, the Beaujolais new 2008 should have pleasant surprises for us. Inter Beaujolais reveals that the 2008 vintage will be fruity! Nothing new will you say to me knowing that every year we find at Beaujolais new flavors of banana, blueberry ... and so on! What does the Beaujolais new 2008? Some peach and apricot touches? Notice to testimonials!

The end of the Beaujolais grape harvest (August 2022)