February 29, 2024

The new beauty salon treatments: honey face care of the roofs of Paris

The principle

Parisian honey? Here is a funny idea! You think it may be more polluted less healthy, less tasty? On the contrary ! The honey grown on the roofs of Paris is more perfumed and richer than the honey that is harvested in the country. Simply because bees appreciate the diversity of flora in Paris, more than a monoculture of a field in open country. As a result, they forage better and provide a succulent honey. Some specialists have understood and urban hives see more and more the day on the roofs of Paris. Here, these are precisely those of the Jardin des Tuileries, located a few meters from the spa.
The care roll

- You start the care gently with a make-up removal with yoghurt organic before cleaning the skin thoroughly with a scrub made of mixture of almond powder and honey. The dead cells come off with circular motions all over the face.

- The beautician then rinses with lemon lotion.

- It is time to move to the application of the mask to the famous honey roofs of Paris. A creamy texture that slips on your skin and perfumes your senses.

- During the pose, your feet or your hands and your scalp are massaged for an absolute relaxation.

- A few minutes later, it's already time to rinse!
The benefits

Honey naturally nourishes the skin and contains antioxidants that help combat the harmful effects of pollution and UV. A symbol of the SLOW LIFE philosophy dear to Six Senses, this care rich in repairing components is suitable for all skin types.
How many ?

140? 60 minutes care
Or ?

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